Final products developed by Voltroid are the sole property of the Customer once payment has been made in full. However, the initial concepts remain our property. We have the right to place products developed on the portfolio page of our Website.
We have the right to reuse any images we create. Of course, any images you supply are yours, and we would not reuse them without your permission. We would not sell them, either.
Purchasing logo copyrights is recommended. If we create material to which you would like to own the copyright, you must request it in writing. A written proposal will be submitted to you. We reserve the right to refuse any request. Of course, logos are an exception as we expect companies to want logos for exclusive use for recognizable trademarks.
Any contents you wish to include in your site must be used with permission. We accept no responsibility for any copyright infringement for contents supplied by third parties. Please include the copyright owner's information for credit for any contents you supply for your website.

Focus on customer

Customers give the opportunity to do the business


Be passionate

The way to greatness is to believe in what you're doing


Be innovative

Make things happen


Work smarter, not harder

Reduce stress, use scheduler and setting boundaries


Do one thing at a time

Be more productive by concentrating one thing at a time


Keep things simple

Minimize the decision making process for the user


Knowledge hunter

Constantly looking up for informations that keep business growing

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