Create Custom Form

Go to General Tab > Multiple Forms

  1. You’ll already have fetch all list from MailChimp server.
  2. To refresh your lists from MailChimp server click on Reload lists.
  3. Click ‘Add’ from the Multiple Forms section.
  4. Then select the list for the corresponding form.
  5. Click edit option and select the field. Include extra fields using the ‘Add button’. Change the icon and label if you wish.
  6. Click ‘Advanced Options’ below the fields to open Advanced Options section for the form. Here you can select
    – Custom – On Successful Subscription – This will allow you to set an action on successful subscription for this specific form. This will override the ‘On Successful Subscription’ in the General Tab. You can either provide a message or a redirect URL.
    – Enable Scroll for Lightbox – Enable this only if you have a long form with too many fields that cannot be accomodated in the Lightbox. This option will help you opt for a Srollable form within the lightbox.
  1. And click OK to confirm your changes..
  2. Then click on Update Options from the top right.

Assign A New Form To Subscription Boxes

  1. Go to the subscription form where you want to add the new form.
  2. Assign the newly created form from the custom forms section.
    chimpmate assign form
  3. Then click on Update Options.

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